Facilities Support Product Catalog includes; Recycled Plastic & Wood Pallets, Corrugated Boxes, Containers. In addition our Energy Efficiency Products include; Solar Panels, LED Lights, Air & Water Purification Systems, Energy Saving Monitors, among them.


Sample of Sustainable Facility Logistics Support - Packaging Division

Pallet, Recycled Wood, Plastic and Fiberglass, Custom Configurations

Pallet, Molded PressedWood, Stackable, Heavy Duty

Box, Corrugated Cardboard, Single, Double, Triple Wall

Post Consumer Recycled Card Board, Wood, Foam & Other Materials Available

Bubble Wrap, 1/2" Bubble, Perforated Available

Packaging Foam

Open Bottom Form Covers,  Floor Cushions, Sleeves, Protective Covers, Metal Banding

Custom Wooden Boxes, Crates, Single & Multiple Use

Fiber Board Tubes, Card Board Tubes

Anti-Static Packing Materials

Plastic Corrugated Containers

Accessory Supplies


Featured Products:
SUSTAP OFFERS 100% U. S. Manufactured Wood/Re-Manufactured Wood & Plastic Pallets With Shipping.

Although, SUSTAP Team manufacturers new custom and standard wood pallets, SUSTAP Team recommends another cost saving alternative. 

The SUSTAP Team suggests utilizing our Team’s recycled/remanufactured wood to build the pallets. This enables us to manufacture a pallet with the same capabilities with a large cost savings.

We would be able to provide our wood pallets made of remanufactured solid wood throughout the pallet using the same number and thickness of boards for 50% of the quote of new wood manufacturered price. 

Pallets are heat treated to ISPM standards.

In addition, for more cost savings for transportation trailers loaded at maximum  pallets are recommended.     

Another alternative is SUSTAP Team's U. S. manufactured 100% recycled plastic pallets (sample catalog below) 
As a wholly operated minority woman owned enterprise, SUSTAP also offers contracting officers in both private industry and government a solution in meeting their diversity set-aside program.

For more information – email info@sustap.com or call 571.293.1290
Below is just one example catalog of products from our list;